Cost & Financial Arrangements

Estimated Cost for Building the 3RS

The scale of the 3RS project is almost equivalent to building a new airport next to the existing one.

The estimated construction cost is HK$141.5 billion at money-of-the-day prices, of which approximately 40% will be used for land formation. In addition, up to HK$22 billion will be invested for environmental protection measures, including advanced reclamation methods (e.g. deep cement mixing) and horizontal directional drilling.

Construction Cost of the 3RS

Scope of Works

Total (In HK$ Billion)
(money-of-the-day prices)

Land Formation and Marine Works 56.2
Airfield Facilities 11.5
Apron Works 5.0
Terminal 2 Modification/Expansion 16.5
Third Runway Passenger Building 26.3
Automated People Mover System 10.9
Baggage Handling Systems 7.8
Airport Support Facilities and Utilities 7.3
TOTAL 141.5

Joint Contribution and User-pay Principle

The financial arrangements for the 3RS will be based on the “joint contribution and user-pay” principle. Funding will be provided through the following three channels:

  1. Bank loans and issue bonds
  2. Retaining HKIA’s operational surplus for project investments
  3. Charging an airport construction fee to departing passengers