Date Title
04/08/2016 Three-Runway System Construction Takes Off
31/03/2016 三跑道系統 - 事實與誤解 (Chinese only)
18/06/2015 香港機場容量接近飽和 影響極端天氣調度復原 (Chinese only)
02/04/2015 Constraints on HKIA’s Dual-runway Operation and Airspace Issue
01/04/2015 Time is of the essence for third runway
01/04/2015 Airport expansion – more than just a new runway
30/03/2015 Airport expansion benefits the people of Hong Kong
28/11/2014 香港出路:擴建機場三跑道(Chinese only)
08/08/2014 Three-runway system urgently needed
06/08/2014 Effective Measures to Conserve Chinese White Dolphins
01/08/2014 Comprehensive measures proposed to manage air quality
30/07/2014 Measures proposed to mitigate noise impact from 3RS
29/07/2014 Wrong approach taken on airport noise
18/07/2014 Green group claims on third runway are way off
09/07/2014 No delay in expanding airport into a three-runway system
28/06/2014 Three-Runway System Measures Effective in Conserving Dolphins, Say Experts
27/06/2014 Response to concerns raised by certain green groups on air quality assessment in the EIA for the 3RS
24/06/2014 The Airport Authority’s response to concerns on fish species of conservation importance in the EIA report
17/12/2013 打造「綠色」三跑道系統 (Chinese only)
30/07/2013 HKIA faces a pressing need for expansion as traffic demand grows faster than forecast
12/07/2012 Airport Authority committed to prudent and comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process
07/06/2012 Views on Social Return On Investment, Carbon Audit and Strategic Environmental Assessment
10/08/2011 鞏固港航空事業在亞太區的優勢 (Chinese only)
30/06/2011 Airport Has Real Growth Potential
17/06/2011 Environment a Key Focus for HKIA Expansion