The Need for Expansion

Solid and Robust Air Traffic Growth

The air traffic growth at HKIA has grown by leaps and bounds since 1998. In 2018, the airport served 74.7 million passengers and handled 5.1 million tonnes of cargo and 427,725 air traffic movements.

Hong Kong Must Maintain its Competitiveness

As the airport is edging closer to the full capacity of the existing two-runway system, there is an urgent need for HKIA to expand into a three-runway system to maintain its competitiveness as nearby airports in Asia including Shenzhen Bao'an, Guangzhou Baiyun, Shanghai Pudong, Singapore Changi and Seoul Incheon are expanding their facilities.

On the other hand, if HKIA does not expend in time, it will not be able to cope with the traffic demand, jeopardising its status as an aviation hub. As supply falling short of demand, air travellers - businessmen and Hong Kong people alike will suffer from higher ticket prices. Hong Kong's overall competitiveness as a trade and financial centre will also suffer.

Airport Expansion Plan
(Year of  Completion)
Passenger Traffic Capacity (Year) Cargo Traffic Capacity (Year) Remarks
Shenzhen Bao'an Will construct a third runway (2018-2021), a satellite concourse (2020) and a fourth terminal (2025) 63 million (2040) 4.5 million tonnes (2040)  Reclamation for the third runway commenced in 2016
Guangzhou Baiyun Will construct a fourth and fifth runway (2025), a second (2018) and a third (2025) terminal 80 million
 2.5 million tonnes (2020) Third runway commissioned in February 2015 
Shanghai Pudong Will complete and operate a fifth runway (by 2020) and a satellite concourse (2019) 80 million (2020) 4.2 million tonnes (2020) Fourth runway commissioned
in March 2015
Singapore Changi Will convert a military runway into a third runway (mid-2020s); will construct a fourth (2017) and fifth terminal (mid-2020s) 135 million (2025)    
Seoul Incheon Will construct a fourth and fifth (2020s) runway, a second terminal (2017) and a satellite concourse (2020s) 100 million (2030) 11.4 million tonnes (2030)  


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